Kevin Krzyzanski, Programming Director

Jamie Samland, Lead Programmer

Carrie Coleman, Education Director

Stephanie Courcy, Sales & Marketing Director

Barbara Burke, Office and Contracts Manager

Stephen Burke, Projects Director

In 1995 DDOTS assembled a core team to develop a comprehensive clinical trials management system known today as CREDIT©. In 1997 the team expanded in order to facilitate the transition to web technology, positioning CREDIT©, IDEA© and IRBANA© for today's internet world.

Since that time, various staff have been shifted in and out of our Research Project Development Team all dedicated to move our Research Systems forward. CREDIT©, IDEA©, IRBANA©, and BIOSPEC© are the result of many staff working long hours to bring these important systems to institutions across America. Since 2009, the core team listed above has directed the continued development of these Projects.