Navigators - Historical File

The DDOTS Navigator content reflects ideas that were submitted by DDOTS Member Institutions for development into one of the four Research Systems. Every 14 days, all systems get an automatic update containing those ideas. The Member Institutions then receive an email detailing the updates, with instructions to enable the new features as needed. Because every update is absolutely free, there is no need make a financial decision about enabling new features!

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January 2017: CREDIT: Past, Present, Future PDF HTML
August 2016: 2016 DDOTS Summer Financials Seminar PDF HTML
July 2016: Choosing the Right CTMS: Are you kidding me? PDF HTML
March 2015: How Small Features Can Add Up to Big Benefits PDF HTML
November 2014: Can you make a special report for me? PDF HTML
September 2014: National Cancer Institute NCORP and CREDIT PDF HTML
June 2014: Stop Playing Catch-up, Get up to Speed! PDF HTML
May 2014: How Long will it take to get CREDIT "Go-Live"? PDF HTML
April 2014: Oh No, we bought the wrong CTMS PDF HTML
February 2014: CREDIT© and Epic© Form Communications Link PDF HTML
November 2013: We'll Build Your Studies PDF HTML
October 2013: Did you want a CTMS Vendor, or a Partner? PDF HTML
September 2013: Is it Just Data, Or Useful Information? PDF HTML
July 2013: CREDIT Goes "Epic" PDF HTML
June 2013: DDOTS Library of Protocols Available to Members PDF HTML
April 2013: DDOTS Goes iPad\Tablet PDF HTML
March 2013: Unanticipated Problems Involving Risks to Subjects or Others PDF HTML
February 2013: Ideas, Ideas, Ideas, Users Tell the Story PDF HTML
November 2012: Billing Compliance Made Easy! PDF HTML
September 2012: DDOTS Develops BIOSPEC for Research Repositories PDF HTML
August 2012: 2012 Summer Session Financial Training Seminar PDF HTML
July 2012: What the heck is the "Cloud" and do I need it? PDF HTML
June 2012: How Can Any CTMS be “State-of-the-Art”? PDF HTML
March 2012: Help, I need Help - Support is Everything! PDF HTML
January 2012: Where is that "Easy" Button? PDF HTML
October 2011: Software as a Service (SaaS) PDF HTML
September 2011: For Sales, press 1; Support, press 2; Directory, press 3... PDF HTML
July 2011: CREDIT Captures Staff Hours for Invoicing and Payables PDF HTML
June 2011: CREDIT Screening Tool Filters Available Studies PDF HTML
April 2011: Combined CREDIT for Research & IRBANA for the IRB PDF HTML
March 2011: CREDIT Tracks Protocol Financials PDF HTML
February 2011: Nearly 400 Hospitals and Research Sites use CREDIT PDF HTML
January 2011: CREDIT and the Reasons Why PDF HTML
November 2010: CREDIT, IDEA, & IRBANA: 3-in-1 PDF HTML
October 2010: Create and Manage Patient Survey all within CREDIT PDF HTML
September 2010: Sick AND Tired of Updating Spreadsheets? PDF HTML
August 2010: Why Buy a CTMS? PDF HTML
June 2010: CREDIT is Everybody's Idea! PDF HTML
May 2010: A Web CTM for only $7500? PDF HTML
April 2010: If we can speak the same language, let's talk! PDF HTML
February 2010: Who will load our Protocols? When are we LIVE? PDF HTML
January 2010: Affordable, Dependable, Powerful: CREDIT PDF HTML
November 2009: "I don't have enought time to do my job!" PDF HTML
October 2009: University Medical Center, Las Vegas does it all! PDF HTML
September 2009: Forms, Forms, Forms; and CREDIT Fills Them In PDF HTML
August 2009: Hardware, Software, Futureware, Vaporware PDF HTML
July 2009: Recurrent Training Key to Success PDF HTML
June 2009: Praise from Contributers for CREDIT & IRBANA PDF HTML
April 2009: From Where Does Your Technical Support Originate? PDF HTML
March 2009: Sponsor Pays, Insurance Pays, Who Pays? PDF HTML
February 2009: Data Conversion Kick-Starts GO LIVE PDF HTML
January 2009: DDOTS Download Library Exceeds 2500 Studies PDF HTML
November 2008: CREDIT & IRBANA Team Up PDF HTML
October 2008: Staff Communications PDF HTML
September 2008: Protocol Financials and Accounts Payable PDF HTML
July 2008: CREDIT Tracks Protocols Prior to IRB Submission PDF HTML
May 2008: Experience CREDIT at Spring Meetings PDF HTML
April 2008: DDOTS Honored with Tibbetts Award PDF HTML
March 2008: Help, I Need HELP; Support is Everything! PDF HTML
February 2008: How do I get started?, The Inside Scoop PDF HTML
January 2008: Recurrent On-Site Staff Training, Plan On It! PDF HTML
September 2007: Updated System Every 14 Days???? PDF HTML
August 2007: Choosing the right solution PDF HTML
June 2007: Users Direct Collaborative Project Systems PDF HTML
May 2007: User Testimonials... What are they saying? PDF HTML
February 2007: Getting Additional Staff without the Cost!! PDF HTML
November 2006: Patient Calendars Hot Linked to Event Notes PDF HTML
October 2006: Submissions Log Tracks IRB Compliance PDF HTML
September 2006: Protocol Deviation Log Added to Systems PDF HTML
August 2006: Navigation Tool Speeds Up Data Location PDF HTML
July 2006: Automatically Enter and Print Adverse Events PDF HTML
June 2006: CREDIT© Includes Regulatory Logs PDF HTML
May 2006: Unblinding Study Notifications Made Easy PDF HTML