IRBANA Features

IRBANA© can be utilized as a stand-alone system or partnered with CREDIT©, the clinical trials management system developed by DDOTS. It supports the entire protocol tracking elements required of the IRB and facilitates easy communication between research and regulatory staff members.

Functional highlights include:

IRBANA© software is capable of handling thousands of protocols and ancillary reports.

A complete protocol data table (protocol title, investigators, date of IRB approval) provides the information for the extensive reports modules.

Creates IRB meeting agendas in seconds as protocols and supporting events requiring IRB action are automatically inserted into the agenda via the “Agenda Generator.” Actions taken at IRB meetings can be immediately recorded so that meeting minutes are reduced to a few lines of “clean up.”

Maintains a complete library of the most current patient consent forms which can be made available throughout an organization (or hidden from access if needed).

Tracks all adverse events logged for each protocol, automatically including those appropriate in IRB meeting agendas.

Maintains a complete record of IRB membership and IRB-related events pertaining to individual members.

When installed in parallel with CREDIT©, protocol information is seamlessly exchanged with IRBANA© thus eliminating duplicate data entry requirements.