IRBANA Benefits

IRBANA© is a user-friendly, comprehensive IRB management system that streamlines all IRB processes. IRBANA© is unsurpassed in its ability to simplify and support the work of the IRB – from scheduling and tracking functions to the production of meeting agendas, minutes, and action letters.


DDOTS offers full support services including:

Installation and an individualized roll-out plan. The IRBANA©  team works with you each step of the way to design and implement an installation plan that considers what is best for you, from research program, regulatory staff to your institution's IT departmental needs.

On-site training  as well as individualized web-based training. Recognizing that it is never easy to adapt to new software irrespective of the “user friendliness” of the program, DDOTS conducts on-site training for staff concurrent with the installation of IRBANA© to provide the support necessary for a successful transition.  Web-site training is available on an ongoing basis.

Unrivaled technical support. DDOTS recognizes that critical to our success has been our commitment to provide the best technical support in the field – and in this regard we remain steadfast. We are resolute in our promise to provide a quick response when needed – staff should not have to wait 24 or 48 hours to get an answer. Just ask IRBANA© users; we’ll be happy to provide a list of references. And there is never any charge for technical support.


Today’s health care milieu is one of unmitigated cost containment pressures irrespective of top notch technology to aid work product efficiency and effectiveness. DDOTS understands the institutional need to limit capital outlay and has designed its clinical trials software pricing accordingly.

It can be argued that IRBANA© is the most affordable institutional review board program on the market. There is no purchase required.  

The annual licensing fee for IRBANA© is $13,500. As always, the number of affiliates and staff covered by one license is unlimited.