IDEA Features

IDEA© can be utilized as a stand-alone pharmacy system or incorporated as a module into CREDIT©, the clinical trials administration and patient scheduling software developed by DDOTS. It enables research sites to manage the entire process of drug ordering and dispensing as well as drug tracking.

Functional highlights include:

An extensive inventory module permits the ordering of a drug to be aligned with the patient and protocol.

IDEA© provides comprehensive capability related to the dispensing of drugs including lists of patients receiving treatment, drug availability, and evaluation of drug dosage as logical.

Whereas most drug inventory systems only provide information as to inventory on hand, IDEA© allows clinical research sites the ability to have “look ahead” capability in order to plan for future inventory needs and be able to meet those needs in a variety of ways. This unique feature distinguishes IDEA© from any other drug inventory system on the market today.

IDEA© inspects every drug/device in every institution and every pharmacy within those institutions for expiring inventory. If expiring inventory is found, IDEA© emails selected staff with notifications.

The comprehensive Reports module of IDEA© allows ultimate flexibility and vast options for generating reports for every conceivable need related to patients, protocols, pharmacy inventory management, and staff involvement.

Alignment with National Cancer Institute Clinical Trials Requirements

In 1997 DDOTS began working on the development of pharmacy management software for institutions participating in National Cancer Institute trials.   Collaboration with members of the NCI’s Pharmacy Management Branch at that time enhanced DDOTS’ understanding of the NCI’s issues and future directions required of investigational drug management systems.

IDEA© incorporates numerous elements to manage the entire process of drug ordering and dispensing, drug tracking, and NCI reporting:

The Drug Order Module permits the logging of a drug to be aligned with the patient and protocol.

The Receive Drug/Agent Module updates drugs on order, identifies those back ordered, and updates the Drug Accountability Records (DARs) in NCI format.

The Transfer Module allows the potential to transfer drugs among protocols and locations and then evaluates the ramifications of a transfer on inventory.  This capability was of particular interest to the NCI in order to streamline or eliminate the process of shipping, returning, and re-shipping investigational drugs.

The Returns Module tracks drug returned to the NCI with email availability for notification of returns, including NCI return authorization numbers.

A comprehensive Reports Module includes an accountability report through which the NCI and/or research bases can perform random audits of research site drug usage and inventories.