CREDIT Details


Patient Management

Tracks all past, present and potential future patients.

Develops individualized schedules for each patient, automatically adjusting for treatment delays and adding specific events not required by protocol.

Easily documents adverse events, protocol deviations and notifies appropriate organizations and individuals.

Tracks and manages patient deviations including IRB submissions, patient chart audits, and form submissions log.

Archives patients no longer on study.

Tracks prestudy patients for documenting participant screenings, sources, outcomes, time investment, protocol or disease site specific.

Allows quick and easy check-off of completed protocol events for each patient.


Includes easy-to-use master protocol development module that updates patient schedules.

Easily adds protocols and protocol arms to the database with multiple overlay segments for each arm; comes preloaded with nearly every protocol managed by National Cancer Institute sponsored research bases.

Documents history of protocol status changes and key protocol information.

Tracks monitor visits, audits, and research team information (including submissions and staff license expiration.)

Tracks IRB review dates, providing the framework for managing IRB review schedules and activities.

Complete financial management capabilities including receivables, payables, patient billing compliance, and time tracking.


Extensive reports module with over 100 standard reports that can be customized to display data in numerous ways. Reports can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

Documents & Forms

Customizes regulatory submission forms.

Merge mail function easily manages letters to patients and investigators.

The regulatory module within the Documents tab houses the majority of documents which are retrievable from any location.

Institution Calendar

Maintains an online staff calendar to track (and email as needed) Monitor visits, IRB cut-off dates, IRB meetings, staff outages, etc.