A Newsletter for: Clinical Research Environmental Data Information Tracking:           May, 2007 : Issue XLXIII

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What is the difference between DDOTS Systems and software that is purchased from another company?  Simple… others “sell” software they have created, DDOTS creates software users have requested.

But how does that work?  What if one installation needs a new data field, and another site does not need it?  Simple, again… when DDOTS upgrades each system web site (yes, all systems are secure web sites), the Administrator of each site decides to “Enable” the feature or not.  By default, each new feature is set to “Disable”.

As an example, in a recent update the following was provided:
Patient "Environmental Allergies" has been added to the Patient Demographics Page (Photo Page). The Allergy Place Holders can be enabled via Main Menu > File Ops > System > System Variable Default Values > #149 "Show Patient Allergies".
When the feature was enabled, a new set of allergy boxes appeared on each patient demographic page.  This feature was requested by an organization that decided they needed to track patient allergies.  The request came into DDOTS and other institutions were asked to provide feedback.

The original request was for 2 new fields: Food Allergies, and Drug Allergies.  A third-party installation site noted that they would also like to capture “Environmental Allergies”.  As a result, a third field was added to accommodate the new request!


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The DDOTS Navigator is published to introduce news that has occurred in the ongoing development of Cancer Research Environmental Data Information Tracking (CREDIT)..


Since 1995 CREDIT© has been in constant growth.
May of 2007, marks the 12th anniversary of this powerful system.  Installed at sites across the country,
CREDIT© is the leader in Collaborative Clinical Research Administration .


Grant Period:
6/5/1998 – 12/31/2001

The development of IDEA© Web-based software was supported, in part, by  Grant No. 1U43CA78105-01 from the National Cancer Institute, Small Business Innovation Research program. Its contents are solely the responsibility of DDOTS, Inc. and do not necessarily represent the official views of the National Cancer Institute.


Users of System Requested Allergy Capture!

One installed institution of the CREDIT© Project requested that
 Allergies be included on the Patient Demographic Page.
Food and Drug Allergies became a new optional feature that
installations across the country could enable.
One such institution requested that the new feature be expanded
to include “Environmental Allergies”.

 DDOTS Collaborator of the Month!

Floris Dyke
Quality & Clinical Outcomes Coordinator
Benefis Health Care
Great Falls, MT

Floris coordinates the implementation of both the CREDIT© system for managing Clinical Trials and IRBANA© for managing the Institutional Review Board.  Not only does Floris direct the process, she created a “Submission Review Form” to organize the paperless system they are implementing.

She has provided numerous suggestions for additional tools for both systems.  Recently she defined a new macro used in Agenda Creation.
The macro (@IRBExpeditedGrouped_number) clusters all expedited
review events under each protocol listing.  This saves valuable space
on the Agenda and Minutes for each meeting!  Well done, Floris!

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