A Newsletter for: Clinical Research Environmental Data Information Tracking:           February, 2007 : Issue XLXI

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Translating Technology to Improve Patient Outcomes, Enhance Quality, and Reduce Costs

"We need more staff, but funds are limited!"

How can we grow our staff without the cost of adding Full Time Employees (FTE)?

A busy staff is a good thing.  Once a staff start becoming overwhelmed with the critical tasks of the day, the institution is in need of growing the team to meet the goals and demands of Patients, Investigators, IRBs, and Auditors.  But all institutions are on tight budgets that do not allow for adding an FTE, or even a part time person!

The solution to this vexing problem is often not as easy as it seems.  An FTE can cost upwards to $30,000 to include benefits.  Even a part-timer can cost $15,000 per year.  And we know, that the part-time staff will soon grow into more and more a full blown FTE.

One solution is to contact the "Information Services" (IS) Department to see if someone there can write programming for databases and spread sheets. This is where many organizations begin their journey to create tools to assist staff.  This is a noble, and often successful, solution for the short term.  These databases can exist for several years and provide needed relief to over-committed staff.  While this solution has been manifested in most organizations, what follows is also predictable.  Typically the IS person who created the entire project gets re-assigned to work on more pressing matters.  That can mean the full planned project never really reaches maturity.  Another issue is the staff may leave the organization all together, leaving staff with no place to turn.  Simply assigning a new IS person to a project that is even a few years in development is like tossing the person
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Main Menu Options Centralize Tasks

Each staff is assigned access to the various modules.
Based on the access, each staff main menu will vary with options.


Integrated Institution Staff Calendar

Individual computer calendars isolate staff, but this Staff Calendar
keeps all staff up to date on a single web system.


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overboard in the middle of the ocean to swim for shore.

In the end, organizations look outside their walls for software solutions that have a track record for managing projects like those in research.  The problem here is that too often the cost of these solutions is greater than adding staff in the first place.  But there is hope finding the solution.

A project founded in 1995 has grown in scope and breadth over the past 12 years which included 2 years of funding from the National Cancer Institute.  This project was specifically designed to provide Study Administrative Tools to help the funding crunch most institutions encounter for the need to expand FTEs. 

The robust capabilities of CREDIT© are unmatched for clinical trials data management and patient scheduling… it is an invaluable tool that simplifies the daily activities of research staff who require the utmost attention to detail.

And, because CREDIT© functionality exists, and continues to dynamically grow, as a result of users’ collaborative input, real-world needs and experiences.  Organizations that use CREDIT© typically report a savings of between 1 to 4 FTEs, depending on the size and number of staff involved.

What is CREDIT© doing for these institutions that it could be doing for yours?
Manage Regulatory
Create Patient Calendars
Track Patients and Pre-Study
Manage Protocol Financial  Payment
NCI Credit Reports
Staff\Patient HIPAA Tracking
Exports to IRBANA© (IRB Software)
Audit Friendly
Easily Fits within Budget
and more…..

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IRB Revision Actions Recorded in Seconds

When Revisions are returned with Regulatory Actions, those activities
 are registered in CREDIT© in seconds.  Click the All link, then the
 Record button.  All entries are sorted to their respective studies.


Each Patient Calendar is Ready to Print

Any Protocol, any Arm, CREDIT© creates the perfect calendar
 automatically without the need for time-consuming calendar wheels.
 The calendar can be delayed to keep pace with the patient treatment.

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