A Newsletter for: Clinical Research Environmental Data Information Tracking:           November, 2006 : Issue XLX

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Patient Calendars Hot Linked to Event Notes

Calendar Events Clickable for Event Information


When a patient calendar is created, the design comes from the master protocol schema that is built into the web software projects Clinical Research Environmental Data Infomatics Tracking“ (CREDIT©) and “Investigational Drug Environmental Accountability” (IDEA.©).  Now, a new feature allows for adding a notation to explain each specific dated event in the master protocol design module.

There are instances when an event may be an optional lab for a patient.  That lab is loaded into the schema and can now be “commented”.  For instance, if there is an event that is “Adverse Event” Evaluation and there will be instances when the form is needed and other circumstances when the form is not needed.  The information that makes that determination can now be loaded behind the event in the master protocol.  Then, when a patient calendar is created, when that event occurs as a dated entry, the event is clickable.  The link pops up the information loaded for that event.

This is extremely helpful for staff that are new to the protocol.  Further, it helps Investigators with instant information without digging into the paper protocol for specifics on any given event.

Another user suggestion that has been implemented.  Thank you Yitz.


Event Note is Loaded Into Schema


Each Drug, Lab, Activity, and Financials has a Notation Area.


Patient Calendar Event is Linked to Note

Place the Mouse Over the Event to See Note



Forms Uploaded into the Protocol Are
Available from the Patient \Protocol Page

Popup Window with Form Link 




The clicked link pops up the document for data entry, saving, and printing.


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The DDOTS Navigator is published to introduce news that has occurred in the ongoing development of Cancer Research Environmental Data Information Tracking (CREDIT)..


Since 1995 CREDIT© has been in constant growth.  May of 2006, marked the 11th anniversary of this powerful system.  Installed at sites across the country, CREDIT© is the leader in Collaborative Clinical Research Administration.

Web Demonstrations Available On-Line at No Cost to Staff!
Probably the easiest way for interested staff to see CREDIT is to have an On-Line demonstration.  This is accomplished by contacting technical support at DDOTS by phone or email to: demo@ddots.com  Plan on about an hour when staff can assemble around a computer or, better yet, in a conference room where a projection system can display the demonstration.
At the agreed upon time, a representative from DDOTS will call your selected station on the phone for the audio portion of the presentation.

Advanced planning is the key to the demonstration.  Make a list of important elements that staff needs to see.  Be sure to forward the list to DDOTS about a week before the demonstration is to occur.  All elements from the list will be incorporated into the live presentation.