A Newsletter for: Clinical Research Environmental Data Information Tracking:           October, 2006 : Issue XLIX

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“Submissions Log” Tracks IRB Compliance

IRB Submission Log is “Tickler”
for IRB Documents


When protocol amendments are received, they may need to be sent out for review and signature.  Keeping a log of that action is vital.  Many organizations suffer from not reviewing those submissions within the required 90 days.

A simple entry into the protocol section for the activity keeps all documents in process tracked.  Further, it can be documented how long the turn-around time is for any and all documents.

As an example, an Investigator Brochure comes into the office.  It is logged into CREDIT under the protocol Submission Log area where it is provided the date of Request and the Date Due.

The selections in the dropdown box can be edited and added to through the extensive File Operations module accessible by administrators to the CREDIT© web site.

The Report Generator can then be used to pull all Pending Submissions that are due for completion during a selected date range.  Various columns can be included in the report as needed to facilitate communications between staff.

CREDIT© and the Regulatory Submission Log keep the history of processing each submission.  This helps make institutions breeze through those tough audits!


Protocol Submission Log Tracker


Any number of submissions can be loaded into the “pick-list” for selection and logging.


Report Generator Module




Notice the Selected Criteria on the Left Panel


Final Report on Submissions Due in the Date Range

Due Date: 9/1/2006 - 10/31/2006
Staff: All Staff
3 Protocol Form(s) Found
Ordered By Due Date



Due Date

Quality Assurance










Amendment #3 & #4 sent to Dr. Coleman for review and signature.







Amendment #1 sent to Dr. Burke for review and signature





Investigator Brochure

Sent to Dr. Burke for review and signature


The report lists all Pending Submissions with a Due Date within the selected Date Range.  The report can also be filtered by the Study Coordinator for specific tasks per staff.


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The DDOTS Navigator is published to introduce news that has occurred in the ongoing development of Cancer Research Environmental Data Information Tracking (CREDIT)..


Since 1995 CREDIT© has been in constant growth.  May of 2006, marked the 11th anniversary of this powerful system.  Installed at sites across the country, CREDIT© is the leader in Collaborative Clinical Research Administration.

Web Demonstrations Available On-Line at No Cost to Staff!
Probably the easiest way for interested staff to see CREDIT is to have an On-Line demonstration.  This is accomplished by contacting technical support at DDOTS by phone or email to: demo@ddots.com  Plan on about an hour when staff can assemble around a computer or, better yet, in a conference room where a projection system can display the demonstration.
At the agreed upon time, a representative from DDOTS will call your selected station on the phone for the audio portion of the presentation.

Advanced planning is the key to the demonstration.  Make a list of important elements that staff needs to see.  Be sure to forward the list to DDOTS about a week before the demonstration is to occur.  All elements from the list will be incorporated into the live presentation.