CREDIT Details

CREDIT Details

First developed in 1995 as a DOS program for management of oncology clinical trials, CREDIT© transitioned to Web-based software in 1998 and is now the premiere software program for the cancer clinical trials industry.   It is the software choice for National Cancer Institute-supported clinical research health care facilities around the country, with installations ranging from comprehensive cancer centers to private physician practices.

Currently we are proud to document over 100,000 patient calendars created for over 30,000 protocols uploaded into our clients’ systems.  This translates to over 6 million patient calendar events scheduled nationwide with nearly 500 hospitals and institutions using CREDIT©.

Key to the success of CREDIT© is the ongoing relationship with its clients – otherwise known as “member institutions” – which partner in the continuous updating and expansion of this clinical trials management system.


CREDIT Main Menu



Patient File Cabinet

Tracks all past, present and potential future patients

Develops individualized schedules for each patient, automatically adjusting for treatment delays

Prints patient activity lists which alert staff to patients due for treatment or other activities dictated by specific protocols

Modifies patient schedules to include physician or nurse-related activities such as phone calls or visits not required by protocols

Easily documents adverse events, protocol deviations and notifies appropriate organizations and individuals

Tracks and manages patient deviations including IRB submissions, patient chart audits, and form submissions log

Archives patients no longer on study, allowing all patient data to be included in ongoing reports as appropriate

Tracks prestudy patients who are awaiting initiation of a protocol as well as those individuals approached or evaluated for a protocol

Allows quick and easy check-off of completed protocol events for each patient


Includes easy-to-use master protocol development module that updates patient schedules

Easily adds protocols and protocol arms to the database with multiple overlay segments for each arm; comes preloaded with nearly every protocol managed by National Cancer Institute sponsored research bases

Documents clinical history of protocol status changes or key protocol information

Tracks Monitor visits, audits, and research team information (including submissions and staff license expiration)

Includes information related to IRB review, providing the framework for managing IRB review schedules and activities

Complete financial management capabilities including receivables, payables, patient billing compliance, time tracking; time task recorder feeds financial data for hourly billing and payable stipends


Generates reports for every conceivable need with both individualized reports design and standard reports availability

Incorporates a robust National Cancer Institute (NCI) reports module, generating all reports and tables required for annual reviews; the full NCI table sets require only 15 seconds to create.  The NCI has collaborated with DDOTS so that the reports can be uploaded directly into NCI’s database.

Tracks all protocols and subsequent addenda and revisions with respect to Institutional Review Board (IRB) review dates and actions; provides numerous IRB-required reports

Tracks due dates of all forms and investigational drug distribution

Contains an extensive “general forms” and study specific forms area.  Research staff utilize these areas to house a variety of documents, including but not limited to:

Study specific toxicity grids

Orientation modules

Consent documentation templates

Directions on how to access and utilize cooperative group data and associated website query sections

Allows managers to review staff activity and productivity

Documents (& Forms)

This module is one of the most powerful document management systems on the market.  It allows you to create any and all forms needed for every aspect of clinical trials work and then extracts stored data to populate and complete the form.

Customizes regulatory submission forms

Merge mail function easily manages letters to patients and investigators

The regulatory module within the Documents tab houses the majority of documents which are retrievable from any location.

Current versions of study consent forms are uploaded and available in PDF format for access by all research affiliates -- a most used and appreciated element by staff who enroll study participants.


Institution Calendar

Maintains an online staff calendar to track (and email as needed) Monitor visits, IRB cut-off dates, IRB meetings, staff outages, etc., allowing for multiple institutions to share or isolate their calendars for use by affiliated institutions.

Pre-Study Patients

Allows for documenting participant screenings, sources, outcomes, time investment, protocol or disease site specific.  Drill-down capability facilitates location of available studies and provides for quick recovery of open studies.

Archived Patients

Archives complete information on all patients having participated in clinical trials, allowing all patient data to be included in ongoing reports as appropriate.

File Operations

Allows CREDIT© pull-down menu options to be individualized for an organization and default information selected.

Staff and Assignments section permits determination of an individual’s degree of access to CREDIT©.


CREDIT© is a user-friendly,  intuitive software program that  employs a common language developed and utilized by clinical research personnel.   We call CREDIT© “complete”  because it has greater capability  than any other “comprehensive” clinical trials software available today.   When we identify DDOTS’ partnership with users or “members” as a critical feature of our approach to software development, we must also place it as the number one benefit of CREDIT© -- number one because everyone shares in the best practice  identified by experts across the country.

DDOTS offers full support services including:

Installation and an individualized roll-out plan.  The CREDIT© IT team works with you each step of the way to design and implement an installation plan that considers what is best for you, from research program, research staff to your institution's IT departmental needs.

On-site training  as well as individualized web-based training.  Recognizing that it is never easy to adapt to new software irrespective of the “user friendliness” of the program, DDOTS conducts on-site training for staff concurrent with the installation of CREDIT© to provide the support necessary for a successful transition.  Web-site training is available on an ongoing basis.

Unrivaled technical support.  DDOTS recognizes that critical to our success has been our commitment to provide the best technical support in the field – and in this regard we remain steadfast.  We are resolute in our promise to provide a quick response when needed – staff should not have to wait 24 or 48 hours to get an answer.   Just ask CREDIT© users; we’ll be happy to provide a list of references.   And there is never any charge for technical support.



Today’s health care milieu is one of unmitigated cost containment pressures irrespective of top notch technology to aid work product efficiency and effectiveness.  In developing the pricing model for DDOTS software©, DDOTS considered the need for institutions to limit capital outlay.  

It can be argued that CREDIT© is the most affordable clinical trials management program on the market.  There is no purchase required.   The annual licensing fee for an organization is a flat $9,500, and the number of affiliates and staff covered by one license is unlimited.   All software updates are free – and software is updated every 14 days.   New protocols can be downloaded for a mere $35 each, and all subsequent protocol updates are free no matter how long the protocol is open or how many updates there are.   And most critical . . . there is never a charge for technical support.

The "Complete" Clinical Trials Management System

CREDIT© becomes even more powerful with the addition of the IDEA© investigational drug electronic pharmacy module, BIOSPEC© biospecimen management software,  and IRBANA©, the complete IRB management system – linking to become the complete clinical trials management system available today.